The 2016 ASA Umpire Exam is available on-line for all Arizona ASA Umpires and for all umpires in our Rocky Mountain Region 13 Local Associations — Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming — who have Internet access.

This exam is being offered on-line to be taken with no supervision using the ASA Official Rule Book and the Umpire Manual Supplement. The exam MUST be taken all at one time in a single sitting.

You may want to first download a copy of the exam and print it out. Record your answers before beginning the online exam; then transfer your answers to the online exam.

Arizona Umpires must achieve a grade of 90% or above to be Certified. For Umpires from other Associations, check with your UIC for your Association requirements. Please ensure you read each question carefully and "GET IN THE BOOK" when in doubt.

You will NOT be able to save your responses and return to the exam at a later time, so answer all the exam questions and press Submit before closing your browser.

Be sure you have answered all questions to the best of your ability before submitting the exam for grading.