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Education for Coaches, Umpires, and Youth Players

Please consider donating your charitable funding (IRS deductable) to our 501c3 Corporation.

Our Board of Directors will use all charitable funding to allow the following improvements in our Youth Program:

  1. Scholarships for youth ASA registered players

  2. Team Travel subsidy for ASA JO National Championships

  3. Facility Improvements for Arizona ASA Partners (Field Owners)

  4. JO Coaches – Educational  (Clinics/Schools/ ACE)

  5. Youth ASA Registered Umpires – Educational (Clinics) &Travel Subsidy for ASA National Tournaments

Arizona Amateur Softball Association Youth Foundation (the “Foundation”) will carry out its activities through its officials, directors and volunteers. The initial activities and primary purposes of this Foundation will be, within the meaning of Section 501 c (3), to support education for coaches, umpires, and youth players, including providing grants to establish youth softball programs in municipalities throughout the State of Arizona and awarding player scholarships for youth softball programs in Arizona.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide funds to communities, leagues and players to enhance the recreational and competitive opportunities for kids wanting to play softball. Whether a player views softball as a new sport to learn, as a way to have fun with friends, or as a path to a scholarship for higher education, the Foundation wants to instill a love of the game and increase youth participation. The Foundation’s activities will be conducted by its officers, directors and volunteers.

AZASA Youth Foundation Scholarship Application

You Can Donate to the Youth Foundation Using Our Secure Online Form thru PayPal.

You may NOW donate to our “Youth Foundation”, and let IRS know of your charity. Our Board of Directors will utilize ALL of the charity to improve our Arizona ASA Youth Program. You may want to assist our volunteer coaches trained and educated, for some umpires working with our youth to be trained and educated more, to improve our youth player scholarship program, for some facilities (state-wide) supporting ASA improved, and for some ASA youth teams to be assisted in traveling to  ASA championship tournaments.

Contact the State Commissioner and/or the Director of Fundraising & Sponsorships for donating/contributing.

Don Fishel
State Commissioner
P.O. Box 1850 Prescott, AZ 86302


Ken Weingarten
Director of Fundraising & Sponsorships 
 Cell Phone: 602 363-5696

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